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For those who are new
to KiestHaus Shepherds,
we want thank you for your
interest in the foundation of the
Old Style Traditional
Giant German Shepherd Dogs.
I am Judy Kiest, and along with my husband
of over fifty years, Jerry, we began this journey
"back in the day" when the German Shepherd breed
was  undergoing many changes; both in the American
show ring and in the European performance ring. 
While there were many fanciers of the breed who held
diverse opinions about these changes, we chose to set
upon our own path of maintaining the qualities we held
dear in the breed, and establishing a breeding
program to keep these qualities intact, both
for ourselves and for others of like minded
values -- as well as for future generations.

We bred our first two litters of German Shepherds in 1966.
Since that time, we have been dedicated to the development ,
breeding, training, enjoying and especially loving of these
wonderful Giant Oversized Old Type Traditional
German Shepherd Dogs.
One of our initial goals and desires was to pass on what we have
been blessed with in these wonderful dogs. All of the years of work,
trial,error, and  success has been shared with other serious breeders
and many caring families throughout the world. We have been honored to share these special dogs with so many.

Most of  the folks who acquire a Shepherd from us have become
our friends, and many have returned for their next dog, and
their next...  as the years have gone by. Our dogs typically have wonderful health and longevity that is appreciated by the
families who have come to love them as we do.  Over the past
four decades, many of these people have returned to us either to add or to replace a long lived family companion,
and devoted protector.  When we look back over these many years
of devotion to our dear animal and human family, we realize our
lives have been both rewarding and sad, but ultimately so full of so many wonderful times that there is not too much we would want to change.  We are so appreciative of the many friends we've made through association with our KiestHaus Shepherds, and the truly
great dogs we have been able to share in enjoying.

We are very pleased and happy to see so many serious
Old Fashioned Traditional Giant German Shepherd breeders
advertising on the internet and in the dog speciality magazines
these days; continuing on the foundation of  our precious dogs,
and developing many new lines that blend so well with the
original KiestHaus Giant and Oversized German Shepherd
family.   I also wish to compliment those breeders on the
great photos of the Shepherds that they purchased from
us, as well as the Shepherds that they are breeding and
blending with our original family of dogs.  To own a
sound, beautiful,intelligent, loyal Old Style
Traditional Giant German Shepherd
is a privilege we all share, and to breed them is to
be responsible for a sacred trust in preserving
the past and promoting the future.  It is a journey
we are proud to have both initiated and
shared.  Now, through this amazing
tool called "the internet",
we are happy to share it
with you, as well!