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We would like
to welcome you
to our long awaited web site.
So many dear friends and fellow
reputable breeders
have been encouraging us to
"get on the internet" for years now,
and we are pleased to finally have a web presence
in response to all of you! 
Your friendship, your encouragement, your support,
and your love of the Old Fashioned Traditional
Giant German Shepherd
has, over these past forty plus years now,
been ever so deeply appreciated.

We know you all want to see pictures
of the original KiestHaus dogs that were not only
our foundation, but the foundation for all of the
giant old fashioned shepherds on the scene today.
Bear with us. We have, as always, been concentrating
on what we do best; raising and loving our carefully
bred German Shepherds, enjoying our four footed
and our two footed family, and of course, spoiling
the grand children! 
We promise to get to digging thru the old photos,
as well as taking new ones, as time allows!

Enjoy your visit, and please bookmark
our home page so you can return often
and see not only "What's New",
(and yes, we are still breeding!)
but also what grandma has dug out of the attic
(pictures!) for a glimpse of the foundation
on which the Original Old Style
Traditional Giant German Shepherd
is based.
To Our Friends,
old and new:
In view of the economy,
we are determined to offer our
always top quality
Kiesthaus Shepherd puppies
at affordable prices.
Special pricing for
Service Dog
NOTICE: April 2012
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